Saturday, October 9, 2010

Barry come back!! The post otherwise known as "Curse you iTunes"

I think we have established that I am a HUGE Barry Manilow fan ...........(Go ahead, call me a "fanilow", make your "Barely Man-enough" jokes....get it all out of your system and then get back to my story.) I think we have also established that I hate quickbooks. Now let me tell you how these two things go together. Stupid quickbooks needed more space than my laptop had left and since my daughter needed a laptop anyway we decided to get a new laptop for me and then hand the old one down to her. Good news.....I have way more memory now and I can support the stupid quickbooks program. Bad news....iTunes can only back up your iphone and ipad to one computer. So, when I downloaded itunes to my new laptop and synced my phone and my ipad with it something very tragic happened. I lost ALL of my Barry Manilow music. ALL. OF. IT!!!!! I am not sure if you understand the enormity of what I am saying here people. My sweet husband spent an entire day one Saturday downloading every single Barry Manilow CD I have into my itunes account so that I could have every single song ever sung by Barry right there at my fingertips. Do you even know how many Barry cd's are out there?? Me either, but from my stack of cd's I would have to guess at least 50. And now all of those songs are GONE!!!!!!!! I am tragically sad......and I am blaming it all on our CPA! He better give me one hell of a write off this year!


  1. pure saddness....okay that is not exactly what David said, but I don't want to upset you further!!!
    I am so sorry!!!

  2. Hey, I just did this same thing. I have all of my stuff on my laptop and we just bought Ash a new desktop. Anyway, I loaded itunes on Ash's computer last night so she could watch TV shows I bought on my iphone and backed up to my laptop. I set up a household sharing account that allows you to have 5 computers shared on one account. I was able to log in to my account on Ashlyn's computer and transfer my whole music, movie, etc. library to Ash's new computer. Now we have all of our stuff on two computers. I wonder why you couldn't do that too? Call me if I can help. Maybe Barry is lost after all :-)